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Being guitar fans for more than forty years, we have seen the progression-and digression-of the electric guitar. But for us, the most dramatic shift-in favor of the serious player-was the birth and development of the "boutique guitar" marketplace featuring skilled luthiers who cared about their products. This was an earthquake that truly changed the instrument itself both in terms of sound but also playability. New body styles, new electronics, new hardware, new finishes-all those elements that make a complete guitar were presented in abundance to the guitar buyer. And as markets develop and then mature, these "new innovative" guitars become the norm.

In our Shop in Luxembourg, you have the chance to see at the same time our TYS Collection. The Collection is an inspiration for any amateur or professional musician to find  (tune) his (your) sound and order a custom made guitar or amp to his (your) specifications.

All instruments in our online catalogue are available in our shop.

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