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ESCH 2022 EXHIBITION : LIVE, BREATHE AND SLEEP GUITARS 10.08.2022 - 9.10.2022 Opening of exhibition


"Live, breathe and sleep guitars"

Until the 9th October in Belval - History of the electric guitar

No other instrument has shaped rock music as much as the electric guitar. In cooperation with Rockhal, Esch2022 presents the exhibition "Live, Breathe and Sleep Guitars" by the Luc Henzig Collection.

Esch 2022 Exhibition : LIVE, BREATHE AND SLEEP GUITARS 17.08.2022 - 10.10.2022

Esch 2022 Exhibition : LIVE, BREATHE AND SLEEP GUITARS 17.08.2022 - 10.10.2022

The four-part exhibition Live, breathe and sleep guitars - collection Luc Henzig presents the history of the electric guitar. The origins of the amplification of the instrument - in "Getting Loud!"- its technical development, standardisation and commercial success are presented through the inevitable models of Fender or Gibson - in "Big Three"-. It is equally important to talk about guitar heroes and their influence on rock music.

Preparation of the Esch 2022 Projetct : "Live, Breathe and Sleep Guitars"


Preparation of the Esch 2022 Projetct :

"Live, Breathe and Sleep Guitars" with the support of Rockhal and Rocklab ! 

Guitar Players in Session to produce the Sound Tracks for a 45 Vinyl to be included in the Exhibition Catalogue : Fred Baretto and Patrick Miranda.

Photo Session of Guitars to be included in the Exhibition : Laurent Antonelli, Michel Zavagno with the assistance of Jean-Philippe Janus and Godefroy Gordet.

Guitars used in the Sessions recorded by Charles Stoltz at the Rocklab :

Variations on Rock ’n’ Roll Attitude around John Cougar Mellencamp's Tattooed Leather Jacket just finished a new project related to the collection we are managing. We had the opportunity to acquire John Cougar Mellencamp tattooed leather jacket from the ’80. This custom made jacket was part of the private collection of John Mellencamp's guitarist Mike Wanchic & Echo Park Studios.

Nothing speaks to the image of John Mellencamp in the 80's quite like him in a leather jacket. It's iconic of his career. Throughout the last 3 or 4 decades, you would have been able to catch him in several different looks, but this one may be the most unique.

World of TAO guitars

TYS presents the World of TAO guitars: John Joveniaux and Serge Michiels are passionated about guitars! The most impressive at first sight is the look of the guitars. This may be best described as Neo-vintage. These are the Bugattis of the guitar world. The TAO Guitars are an impressive work of art and sound. Discover it with Willy Pultz a veteran of the Luxembourgish music scene.


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