ESCH 2022 EXHIBITION : LIVE, BREATHE AND SLEEP GUITARS 10.08.2022 - 9.10.2022 Opening of exhibition


"Live, breathe and sleep guitars"

Until the 9th October in Belval - History of the electric guitar

No other instrument has shaped rock music as much as the electric guitar. In cooperation with Rockhal, Esch2022 presents the exhibition "Live, Breathe and Sleep Guitars" by the Luc Henzig Collection.

Although there are many stories to tell about electric guitar, there are two main strands that run through the collection: The first concerns the person who designed or built the instrument, the guitar maker, the craftsman behind the guitar. The second refers to the artist who played the instrument to give him sounds, music and life.

Through the guitar, the musician articulates his creativity by giving it life. The four-part exhibition allows fans to immerse themselves in the history of the electric guitar. It presents a wide selection of about forty guitars from the Luc Henzig Collection. The original instruments of rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix accompany guitar enthusiasts from the origins of amplification, technical development, standardization and commercial success of the famous Fender or Gibson models, to guitar heroes and their influence on rock.

The GETTING LOUD section goes back to the sources of the history of the electric guitar in the 1920s and tells how the development of an electromagnetic microphone by George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacker was decisive. The BIG THREE section illustrates how Leo Fender made a breakthrough in the 1950s with his Fender Broadcaster, whose name became Fender Telecaster, signing the rise of industrial guitar production. The WORKHORSES section shows how the electric guitar has allowed the appearance of new styles, including rock, and the many guitar heroes such as Hendrix, Page or, more recently, Joe Bonamassa - thanks to the ease of approach of the instrument, its power and melodic possibilities. COLLECTOR'S STORIES talks about stories and memories of the collector.

Luc Henzig's Collection should also be an open door to encounters and offer opportunities to get in touch with other lovers or curious people. As part of the supporting program, the visitor is invited to participate in theme evenings with jam sessions, concerts and discussions with Luc Henzig.

Luc Henzig is the president of the Centre de Musiques Amplifiées (Rockhal/Rocklab). As a passionate collector, he is committed to projects that revolve around music and literature. He was head of the Luxembourg Agency for Cultural Actions (ALAC) and contributed to the exhibition "Hugo Gernsback - An Amazing Story" at the CNL and to the exhibition "The Myth of the Electric Guitar" at the Groninger Museum by providing part of his electric guitar collection.

"Live, Breathe and Sleep Guitars" is open until the 9th. October, from Wednesday to Sunday, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. at SKIP, 6, Avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux, Esch/Belval. Admission: 7 euros. Admission is free for visitors who have previously purchased the combined ticket for the exhibitions of the Möllerei and the Massenoire.

Text translated from the Esch2022 Press Release.

Photo Credit : Blitz Agency, Luc Henzig

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