Our shop is now permanently closed


Our shop is now permanently closed !

We are sorry to having to stop doing business. For the last 10 years we were happy and proud to distribute the creations of our friends and to allow our customers to get their instrument of choice. We are grateful for the gratitude you expressed over the years.

But everything has an end. Due to the business environment but mainly due to an unforeseeable life situation, we have been forced to revaluate our activities. Therefore we are closing all of our shops. We will keep the website as it is for the time being, but the shop section will soon disappear. 

We will still display our TYS instrument collection, which is not for sale, as it has a considerable number of visitors. We still want to share our passion for the work of the luthier having built those instruments and the musicians having given life to those creations.

So keep on rockin’ !

If you have any questions, please contact us