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From time to time TYS will produce special products. Those products are the brain childs of Richard and Luc.One of the first realisation is Richard's project: VOX, BRIAN JONES 50th Anniversary Guitar “It’s All Over Now”. Guitar collectors and fans of Brian Jones know the story of VOX’s offering in 2007 of the Brian Jones Mark III Anniversary Guitar. 

We, tuneyoursound.com, have purchased the end of the line of this Anniversary guitar.  I know that another website was touting that they had “bought the balance of the production of these guitars in late 2007”.  Well, that was true then but not now.  In fact, the builder of these guitars, had eighteen (18) of these guitars in stock that were never paid for by the purchaser.  We have now purchase them, paid for them, and now we own them.  

ONLY TEN (10) OF THEM WILL BE OFFERED FOR SALE.  One, Serial Number 57-07-01 is being kept by the builder. The others are being kept in our collection. In The US you can buy them trough eBay.com and in Europe directly from www.tuneyoursound.com.

Other projects are in preparation, so stay tuned!



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