Dan Dunham, CL2 Benelux, 2016 - Gilles Droixhe (Elmore D)


Dan Dunham
Dan Dunham, CL2 Benelux
Rio Grande Jazzdawg/Bluesdawg pickups
The Story Behind

Dan Dunham guitars are hand built in Southern California. Dan does some the coolest and most unique guitars out there. His list of clients include some of the best players in the business (Junior Watson, Kenny Vaughn, Tommy Harkenrider, Paul Pigat and Rodney Gene Jr. to name a few). His guitars have a unique vintage vibe right out of the gate and this one is no exception.

This particular CL2 version was  co-designed by Gilles, and the results were a success.

Gilles plays guitar with his father Elmore D. Elmore D (born Daniel Droixhe, 1946, near Liège, Belgium) is a Belgian blues musician. His is a professor at the University of Liège, where he lectures on the history and culture of Wallonia.

The name Elmore is a reference to Elmore James, whose slide guitar sound he used to imitate at the beginning of his career. In 1988, he was nominated for the Paris-Bagneux Blues Contest and played in "avant-première" of the Chicago Blues Festival. In 1997, he created the Elmore D Band with two ex-members of the Electric Kings, Big Dave (harp) and Willie Maze (drums), and the "sterguitarist" Lazy Horse (also with Flip Kawlier's band).

He received the "Blues Trophée – Best European Artist 2001". Between 2005 and 2010, he wrote several blues songs in the Walloon language.

More on Elmore D : www.elmored.be

Gilles about the guitar:

“This is it man....what a guitar !

- Neck is perfect.

- PUs are amazing.

- Gold is Super-great.

- Love the cracks.

Just feel like playin’ it all day long. And the night too.”

Dan's guitars feature a very light nitro-satin finish allowing the guitar to really breathe. As a result this guitar acquired some small nicks over the time Gilles used it. Dan's guitars are not museum pieces (although they look extremely cool). They are made to be played. This is therefore an amazing guitar with tons of vintage vibe and even if it is a blues monster it is not a one trick pony. Raw rock n roll, country and jazz are all on tap if you desire.

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