Charvel, Model 6, 1987 - Gregg Parker (Ozz)


Model 6
Serial Number: 
C 7071711
Jackson J50BC humbucker at the bridge, two Jackson J-200 stacked single coils,
The Story Behind

The Charvel Model 6 was introduced in 1986, following the company's move to Ontario California. The success of Charvel in the 1980s led to Grover Jackson's plan to establish Japanese production lines for the most popular Charvel designs. These Charvel Model Series guitars were made in Japan (until 1989 when Grover Jackson sold Charvel/Jackson to the Japanese manufacturer IMC).

The Japanese Chushin Gakki factory had been licensed to produce Charvel guitars in 1985 and started shipping the first imports, the Charvel Model Series around mid 1986. That line of guitars was terminated by late 1988. The very first Charvel imports have become legendary due to their build quality vs. price ratio in the second hand market.

The Charvel Model 5 and 6 have a neck-through design and unlike the Model 1 - 4, their serial number directly reveal the build year. The serial syntax is CXXXXXX. For example, C800210 is built in the year of 1988. C701212 would be 1987.

When the Charvel Model 5 and 6 were introduced in 1986, the serial number was found on the back of the headstock under the clear coat, in the form of a plastic decal. Later on, around mid 1987, the factory abandoned the decal on the headstock and began stamping the serial number into the last, blind fret of the fingerboard.

The Model 6 was a Charvel branded version of the Jackson Soloist, with neck-through body construction, maple neck and poplar body. The neck had 24 jumbo frets, bound rosewood fretboard with shark-fin mother of pearl inlays. Model 6s came with Kahler 2300 Tremolos in early 1986, and an extra thin neck profile. The tremolo was later replaced with a non-recessed JT-6 Jackson unit and the neck profile became a little larger. The pickups were a Jackson J50BC humbucker at the bridge, two Jackson J-200 stacked single coils, and an on-board mid-boost (Jackson JE-1200). The control layout consists of a one volume, one tone, a control for the mid boost, and an on-off mini toggle switch for each pickup.

This Charvel Model 6 was Gregg Parkers endorsement guitar. Indeed this was the first model issued in Europe and the John Hornby Skewes & Co. from Leeds, UK were seeking for the Jackson Guitar Co. new endorsements. In England Jeff Beck and Gregg Parker were chosen to be their firsts recipients of the first two guitars. Charvel representatives had seen Gregg on The Tube heavy metal special and had contacted his manger to propose the endorsement.

For the endorsement agreement he was shot by famed celebrity photographer Frank Griffith for the first campaign including catalogues and posters. Gregg's Charvel was one of the very first Ferrari-red models ever issued.

He used the guitar for live performances and recording sessions in England, Germany and the US, for lots of projects, as well as for sessions with top groups of the British music scene at Abbey Road and Trident Studios.


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