Basswitch and Acouswitch


Ruppert Musical Instruments
The Story Behind

Ruppert Musical Instruments was one of the very few professional effect builder originating from Luxembourg. They enjoyed a great success with their products which remain highly sought after. 

Founded in 2009 by passionate musicians Jacques Ruppert and Jean-Claude Bintz, the aim of Ruppert Musical Instruments was to deliver to their customers products of unbeatable build and sound quality, ensuring that musicians get the most out of their performances. 

Their first product the Basswitch IQ DI bass preamp and DI brought the quality of a rack-mounted studio preamp and direct box, with an EQ specifically designed for bass application, to a stomp box format and combined it with sophisticated signal routing technology and today many of the best bass players in the world still rely on the Basswitch IQ DI for a large range of their performance needs in live gigs and studio sessions.

Following on from the overwhelming success of the Basswitch IQ DI, they released in 2012 their second product the Acouswitch IQ DI, a high-calibre acoustic guitar preamp and DI stomp box dedicated to the acoustic instrument player’s needs.

Beginning 2014 Ruppert Musical Instruments released their compact high-level, high quality Basswitch Clean Boost and Classic Boost bass preamps as well as their addictive Basswitch Sonic Spark sonic enhancer for bass.

The TYS collection has the whole range of the pedals in their collection, from early prototypes to the final commercial product.

Many artist endorsed the products including : Christian McBride, Richard Bona, Rhonda Smith, Paul Turner, Darryl Jones, Hansford Rowe, and many others.

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